John Muir Service Day

  • John Muir Service Day is an annual event at John Muir Middle School in which members of the school community come together to beautify the campus. Inspired by our namesake, the famed environmentalist and conservationist, students, parents, and staff come together for a morning to plant trees, bushes and flowers.


    This year’s event took place on Saturday, March 10, when over 220 students, parents and staff members braved the rain to come out and volunteer for John Muir Service Day. This was approximately 100 more volunteers than normally participate. Through their efforts, Muir was able to put in new trees, flowers and groundcover in several areas of the campus, including our outdoor classroom, as well as lay down landscape fabric and mulch in numerous planters throughout the campus. Besides having a fun, wet time, the work of the hundreds of volunteers added to our already beautiful campus to make it Better Than Ever.

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Last Modified on August 5, 2019