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    John Muir Middle School Celebrates Seventh Japanese Cultural Day

    Friday, September 20, 2019 will be the seventh annual Japan Day at John Muir Middle School in Burbank. Sponsored by John Muir Booster Association, Japan Day promises to be another fun and meaningful day for the school and the Japanese island of Rebun. In two afternoon assemblies to the school, Muir science teacher Eric Blinder, who won a scholarship to tour Japan this summer, will share with students what we can learn from Japanese culture and all international exchanges. He will be followed by an amazing shamisen musical group. This is the instrument that wowed American audiences in the 2016 stop-action movie Kubo and the Two Strings. The day will finish on Mustang Field with a Sister School Celebration with Rebun High School, including the unveiling of our new Sister School Flag, designed by Muir teacher Amy Prosser. See attached event schedule.

    The two-week Rebun International Exchange Program is supervised by Akiko Agishi, president of Creative Enterprise International Inc & Japanese Language Scholarship Foundation (Aurora Foundation).

    Muir’s Japan Day encompasses two objectives at Muir:

    1. Welcoming nine Japanese students and two teachers from Rebun, (Official Link) the northernmost island in Japan. This is the seventh year Muir is welcoming students from Rebun High School, with a current enrollment of only 24 students. The island’s fishing industry was negatively affected by rising sea temperatures, and this exchange program was created to encourage families to stay on the island by giving students the opportunity to learn abroad and take their knowledge and experience back to Rebun. Muir families will also be hosting the students in their homes for five nights before the Rebun group heads off to Monument Valley and Bryce Canyon. (The island of Rebun is a national park, so the Rebun group visits different US National Parks each year.)
    2. A cultural appreciation day for students of Muir.
    A group of 27 students, parents, and Muir staff—including Dr. Miller—will visit Japan and Rebun Island in June 2020. We will also travel to Sapporo to be honored by the Governor of Hokkaido and the US Consulate to Japan.

    The day is sponsored and funded by:

    John Muir Booster Assn.

    This is Rebun High School’s sixth visit to JMMS in collaboration with Rebun International Exchange Program, directed by Dr. Agishi, CEI.

Japan Day Schedule

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    Flag Japan Day clipart Japan Day

    Friday, September 20, 2019
    John Muir Middle School
    1111 N. Kenneth Rd, Burbank, CA 90401

    11:45 The Rebun group (nine students, two teachers, and one school board member) arrives after their morning tour.
    12:00-12:40 LUNCH in Library for 20 provided by JMMS Parent Boosters.
    12:46-1:38 Assembly 1/Period 4 (1) Eric Blinder’s Japan Report (2) Rebun Students intro and yosakoi dance (3) Sasaki Mitsuru’s Shamisen performance in the auditorium.
    1:36-2:20 Assembly 2/Period 4 (1) Eric Blinder’s Japan Report (2) Rebun Students intro and yosakoi dance (3) Sasaki Mitsuru’s Shamisen performance in the auditorium.
    Muir Time (2:40-3:00) Sister School Celebration and Flag Presentation with Madame Fumi Akutagawa and Hosobuchi Sensei on Mustang Field.

Japan Day Volunteer Opportunities

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    7th Annual Japan Day Lunch

    Friday, Sept. 20th will be the

    Seventh Annual Japan Day at John Muir Middle School.

    We will be providing LUNCH for 28 guests in the library.

    We need VOLUNTEERS
    to help with this fun lunch event

    Please SIGNUP https://signup.com/go/pWwiqLc

    If you can bring anything and/or come and help.

    Thank you in advance for your contributions!

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