Deaf Awareness Month

  • Sept. is National Deaf Awareness Month 
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    The Purpose of Deaf Awareness Month is to increase awareness of deaf issues, people, and culture.  Activities and events throughout deaf awareness month encourage individuals to come together as a community for both educational events and celebrations.

    Through weekly lessons and activities, students will be celebrating the culture, language, and heritage unique to the deaf people of the world.  Students will gain a better understanding of the deaf culture and recognize the various achievements of the deaf community, including famous deaf individuals.  Students will also be exposed to sign language and other ways deaf and hard of hearing people communicate.

    The purpose is to create a stronger community of learners and to understand that being deaf and hard of hearing is not a handicap or disability.  Rather we are all capable and intelligent individuals that have multiple ways in which we communicate.

    WEEK 1

    Students will learn the ASL alphabet and be able to sign their name.
    ASL alphabet
    DHH Program/Schedule of Activities

    WEEK 2

    Basic Manners VIDEO:
    Students will learn common courtesy words (please, thank you, you’re welcome, excuse me, applause, and of course “Better than Ever”).

    WEEK 3

    Greetings and Responses VIDEO:
    Students will learn basic greetings and responses (Hi, how are you? What is your name? Nice to meet you, my name is…, and the word fine).

    WEEK 4

    Questions VIDEO:
    Students will be able to ask questions (Do you want to play? Do you want to eat lunch? Do you want help? Do you mind if I participate? How do you sign…? and yes/no responses).

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Muir Highlights National Deaf Awareness Month

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