• clubs


    Club Teacher Time GC Code
    Painter's Palace Mrs. Roter 12:30 qfdyyzq
    JMMS Rainbow Club Wertlieb & Cuseo 12:30 d5eeq64 (use the Meet link on the GC)
    Armenian Club Ms. Cherkezian 12:20 4fwnsuf
    Volleyball Club Mrs. Durham 1:30 wolq6ok
    Muir Cooking Championship Mrs. Wertlieb 12:45; every other Wednesday (10/7, 10/21, 11/4) at 12:00 3qvgepf
    Cuber's Club Mr. Blinder Thursday at 1:00 4y2dski
    John Muir Chess Club Kevin Bulone Friday afternoons access code for new students only: p2bk3n
Last Modified on October 12, 2020