• Around the Muir Walk is an annual fundraiser for the PTSA. It occurs in the fall each year during Muir Time and it is an opportunity for parents and students to explore the campus together in a John Muir inspired walking tour of the halls.

  • Muir PTSA Presents
    Our Annual

    Around the Muir Walk

    a Parent and Student Event

  • What:  Join us for a John Muir inspired walking tour of thee school - "The John Muir Trail"
    Who:  Parents and their student(s)*
    When:  TBD
    Cost:  $5.00 per student who must be accompanied by an adult
    How: Tickets may be purchased during Registration Days, at the Back-To-School PTSA Book Fair (ending September 2nd) or by returning payment and the form to the school office.

    Check your student out from Muir Time. You and your student will take a John Muir inspired walking tour of the halls. Come on campus and see the sights. Explore the school in a way parents don't often get to see it (full of wildlife and strange creatures)! Complete a passport with stamps at stops along the way and a souvenir at the end of the trail. (Only students with an adult present will be allowed to walk the trail.)* Interesting trivia and facts about our school and John Muir too!

    Completed passports may be entered into a drawing at your final destination for a $25.00 Starbuck gift card.


    Ticket and contact information: 

    Info coming soon

    Students who have a parent assisting with the event will be able to walk the trail unaccompanied.

Last Modified on June 24, 2020