7th Grade Around the World Day

  • Each year the seventh grade students have a final group activity that is planned around their learning experiences.  In the spring (date to be announced), we will be sharing a multicultural activity called “Around the World in a Day.”  Students will watch authentic presentations and entertainment from Peru, Africa, Mexico, and Japan.  In addition, we will have a live action demonstration of medieval jousting!

    To create and enhance a festive environment for this event, all seventh graders are encouraged to wear an outfit representing their country of birth, or clothing representative of any culture.  For instance, one could wear a Russian peasant dress or a Japanese kimono; however, a shirt or sign printed with “I’m Irish,” would not be appropriate.   Many teachers will issue extra credit to students wearing suitable cultural clothing.

    We look forward to sharing this enriching experience with your child, bringing a bit of history and culture to life in an exciting way!

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7th Grade Travel

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Last Modified on August 5, 2019