Stop! Don't Click on It!

fish suspicious of hook requesting private information

Phishing is the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details. This is often done for malicious reasons by appearing to be a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Phishers try to trick a user into believing the email is authentic and either from Burbank USD staff or from a legitimate organization. The more authentic looking the email, the higher the chance of success a user will click on the link. Use caution when clicking on links and please report any suspicious emails to

Impersonation emails are when a hacker pretends to be someone you know. The hackers may try to coerce you into buying them gift cards like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon or even Steam. They may also send you links or attachments that download malware and take control of your computer.
Here is a sample of an impersonation email:

Here are some ways to recognize a phishing email:

• Poor English, spelling, or other grammatical errors;
• Look to see who actually sent the email. Mouse over the sender and you may see the email is not from the person you think it sending the message;
• Look for the [External] tag in the subject line and the yellow highlighted caution message. If it has that tag, it came from outside of BUSD and they may be an imposter.

HP Printer / Sharp Copier - Need Support or Supplies?

Sharp service tag with link to email

Please call the number on the front of each HP printer or Sharp copier for any service needs or if you are running out of toner.

HP printer with Sharp service tag

They will need the Equipment ID# on front of the unit, so please have this handy when calling in.

Sharp has a system monitoring all printers and copiers for issues, which should automatically send toner when needed.

If you are running low, please follow the process above.


Dial 8 to make an outside call
Reminder to dial "8" first then 1 and the full phone number with area code. If you do accidentally call 911, NEVER hang up. Stay on the line and explain you misdialed. Emergency services needs to know and are very nice about it. You cannot hang up fast enough to stop the call. They know where you are calling from, including your school, classroom/office location and police will come out.

Scam Likely calls
Due to changes in how your cell phone carrier identifies scam/spam phone calls, some legitimate calls from BUSD may be labeled as a scam likely call. Please add commonly received calls from BUSD to your contacts to avoid misidentification.

Cisco Jabber
Cisco Jabber is an app that allows you to make and receive calls on a computer, smartphone or tablet as if you were using your district phone/extension. It’s available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. It's useful if you'd like to answer calls on your District computer instead of having to walk over to your classroom phone. You can also use Cisco Jabber to call parents from your district computer or smartphone and they'll see your school's phone number in the caller ID. Other features include instant messaging, district phone directory, easily checking voicemail, and video chat if the other person is also using Jabber or a video phone.
If you’re interested in using Cisco Jabber, please fill out the service request here: Cisco Jabber service request

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or email to input a work request

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