Students and Parents,

    We know distance learning and this period of social isolation is not working for all of our students. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues we all struggle at times to cope with our mental health, loss and grief.

    As a reminder, if your student needs mental health assistance, Burbank Family Service Agency is available 24/7 at 818-845-7671.

    It is common to feel anxious and overwhelmed during this difficult time. We tend to try to avoid topics that trigger anxiety and stress, but not talking about it may actually increase these feelings.

    How to Talk to Your Student About Coronavirus 

    • Allow and acknowledge your student's feelings (and your own)
    • Take cues from your Bulldog
    • It is okay to say that you “do not know” when asked certain questions
    • Keep the conversation going, and communicate with us so that we can help

    Monitor warning signs that signal the following:

    • Stress and worry
    • Fear and anxiety
    • Frustration and irritability
    • Helplessness
    • Difficulty sleeping and/or concentrating
    • Isolating or withdrawing from others
    • Physical symptoms
    • (e.g. increased heart rate, sweating, low energy, stomachaches, headaches, etc.)

    It can be helpful to talk with others, journal, engage in creative activities (e.g. art, music, etc.), and/or speak to a professional. Additional phone numbers and resources are found below, or on our District website under "Student Services:"


     Burbank Police Department MHET: 818-238-3000

     Crisis Helpline TEXT 741741

     Family Services Agency of Burbank: 818-845-7671

     LA County Mental Health Helpline: 800-854-7771

     Mental Health Helpline: 800-950-NAMI (6264)

     Suicide Helpline: 800-273-TALK (8255)  or 877-727-4747

     Teen Line: 310-855-4673

     Trevor Line-LGBTQIA Youth Support: 866-488-7386


    The Burbank Unified School District officially denounces racism as the product of white default/ supremacy culture and recognizes the impact of systemic and generational racism as traumatic to our country, community, and school district. In light of continuing racial violence, including the killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Andres Guardado, Dijon Kizzee, and many others, we also recognize that Black people in this country have had a unique and traumatic history in terms of racial relations, equality, and equity. We stand with the truthful and humane statement that all lives cannot matter until Black lives and the lives of indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) matter. We are taking steps to actively work towards being fully anti-racist, not only in word, but also in policy, practice, and accountability. Change is rarely easy, but with the support and cooperation of the entire Burbank school community we know that we will reflect a district that is truly unified.




    Schedule for the week of February 16th-19th:

    Monday - NO SCHOOL 

    Tuesday (2/16) -periods 1, 2, 3

    Wednesday (2/17) - periods 1, 2, 3. 

    Thursday (2/18) periods 4, 5, 6.



    Attention all students! This Friday’s schedule, 2/19, is as follows:

    SS/Health… 9:00

    PE/World Language… 10:00

    Electives… 11:00

    ELA… 12:00

    Science… 1:00

    Math… 2:00



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