Procedures for Reserving Space at Qualified School Sites

    Profit and Non-Profit


    1. Obtain a copy of the “Use of Facilities Request” form here: Use of Facilities Form or from any District school site, Facilities Services or online at www.burbankusd.org.
    2. Complete the form indicating the school site requested and the area of the site requested, such as classroom, auditorium, library, etc.
    3. Indicate the dates requested and the hours of use.
    4. If participants will be charged a fee or a donation is accepted, please indicate.
    5. “Nature of meeting” and “Person in charge” must be completed.
    6. Equipment requested (subject to availability) should be indicated.
    7. Use of Facilities Rate schedule can be accessed here: Fee Schedule
    8. Copy of current and in force certificate of insurance naming the District as co-insured for $1,000,000, and a separate specific endorsement which names the District as an additional insured on the organization’s liability policy must accompany the use request.
    9. The site principal will determine the availability of the use requested and will recommend whether or not the use should be granted in writing on the Use of Facilities Request form.
    10. Facilities Services will notify the requester if the requested use is approved or denied.
    11. The permit will be issued by Facilities Services and the requester will be invoiced for charges associated with the use. A $50.00 non-refundable processing fee will be assessed for each request.
    12. Completed “Use of Facilities Request” forms should be submitted to Facilities Services located at 510 South Shelton Street, Burbank, 91506 or emailed to crystalcozakos@burbankusd.org.


    Have questions about making your reservation?

    Please email crystalcozakos@burbankusd.org or call (818)729-5502 between the hours of 7:00am and 2:00pm, Monday-Friday.


    Rules, regulations and policies of the Burbank Board of Education regarding use of school facilities are listed on the reverse side of the Use of Facilities Request form.