• Elementary School Gardening Curriculum and Resources  


    In the summer of 2016, a committee of teachers, parents, and community volunteers worked together to research instructional materials and determine the most effective program to present for use in the classroom. Ultimately, they decided on a source called Lifelab. This source was selected because it had the most appealing content, was teacher friendly, easy to use (and modify, if necessary), and had highly interesting and engaging lessons. 

    Upon the committee’s recommendation, the District purchased one full set of instructional materials, which is separated out by grade level (grades K-5).  Upon the recommendation of the committee, the District also purchased a teacher’s manual for a program known as The Growing Classroom, which is an excellent complement to the Lifelab materials. K – 5th grade level materials are now available for teacher check-out from the Instructional Services Department. 


    Life Lab Science K-5 Garden-Based Curriculum

    Life Lab Science offers teacher friendly, hands-on units that children can dig into! Recognized by the Smithsonian Institute as an “outstanding curriculum,” Life Lab Science is a core curriculum which integrates earth, life, and physical science concepts within the context of a Living Laboratory school garden. Inquiry-oriented lessons, both outdoors and in the classroom, encourage students to ask questions and explore multiple solutions. Unit topics, such as soil, water, weather, plants, and animals use a developmental approach based on students' prior knowledge. Assessment is embedded in the activities and extensions are included.

    Life Lab Science is garden-based and grade level specific (K-5). Teacher instructional manuals include pre- and post-assessment, unit planners, parent letters, and suggested connections to language arts, math, and social studies. 


    Click here to preview the Life Lab Resources for each grade level (K-5)


    Last Updated 4/2019