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    The Burbank High School Dance Program currently enrolls over 400 students and ten sections of instruction with two dance teachers – levels of Dance I, Dance II, Dance III, and Dance Production. All students enrolled in the program are given opportunities to develop creative expression through improvisation, choreography, and performance, and also develop an appreciation for dance as an art form through the study of historical contributions and the influence of culture on dance.

    Dance I is open to all students and covers basic terminology and execution of skills in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, and Modern Technique (also touches upon analysis of dance, cultural dance, and historical concepts).  Dance II is by placement only, and students are exposed to the same techniques at an intermediate skill level.  Dance III is also by placement only, where students work at an advanced level of training (and explore more with choreographic concepts). Dance Production is the highest level of dance at BHS, and it is exclusive to students on the Unleashed Dance Team. These students are selected through an extensive audition process that includes a written application and a live dance audition.  Dance Production students work at the most advanced level, some train outside of school, and receive many leadership and choreographic opportunities.

    The program hosts two dance productions per year.  In November, we have the Fall Dance Festival which features the Unleashed Dance Production Class and Advanced Dance.  This is a student driven show that invites other performance groups to perform on the BHS stage.  March/April is our Spring Dance Concert, featuring all levels of instruction in the program and includes the Bulldog Buddies (a collaboration between the Unleashed Dance Team and the Special Education Program).

    For information about the BHS Dance Program, p
    lease contact

    Amanda Sandifer or Mojgahn Emmamjomeh

    818-729-5100  ext. 55910 or 55911