Please make every effort to have your child at school on time each day.  Encourage your child to take responsibility for packing his/her backpack with homework, lunch and other necessary items.  All students in grades 1-5 enter school thru the playground gate on Elmwood Avenue.  The gate opens at 8:00 a.m.



    If your child is late, a parent must bring the child to the office and fill out a tardy slip.  Your child will take this slip to the teacher.



    When your child is absent, the parent must send an absence note stating your child's name, the date and reason for the absence, your name and your relationship to the student.  If an absence note is not received within 3 days of the child's return to school, the absence is designated unexcused. There are also two other ways to report absences, you may call the office and report the absence so the staff may complete a absence verification and you can also report a students absence by logging into the school App.


     For the most part, we are well into the routines that make a successful school day; a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast,  punctual arrival at school and work habits that result in well-thought out and completed assignments. There is one area in which we need to make improvements. It has to do with students being picked up early from school. Technically when a student is picked up early from school it is the same as missing school because of arriving late.  We have been negligent on our part to record when students have been picked up early.  Beginning December 1st, early pick-ups will be recorded in the same manner as those who arrive late in the morning.  When a child is leaving for a doctor’s appointment, please bring a note the following day regarding the appointment.  That early pick-up will then be considered excused, just like a late arrival in the morning for a doctor’s appointment.  Does it all sound complicated?  It’s easy to avoid…just make sure your McKinley Panther is at school every day, on time and all day!