• Chrome Browser: Adding a User Account


    Chrome User Profiles allow you to setup your District Google account as a separate Chrome profile and keep all your District bookmarks separate from your personal ones.  It also syncs all your information and it allows you to easily access your District Google Drive and Docs.  To setup a new Chrome user profile please follow these instructions:

    1. In Google Chrome, click the avatar icon in the upper right corner
    2. Click Add to add a new Google Account to Chrome.
    3. Name the Google Account “School” or whatever you would like to distinguish it from your personal account and select an avatar.
    4. Click “Already a Chrome user?  Sign in” and then log in with your school username and password.
    5. When prompted to turn on Google Sync, we recommend you turn it on.  That should automatically import all your Chrome bookmarks from your school account.
    6. Done!  You now have an easy way to access school resources while at home.