• Mission

    In partnership with families and our community, Emerson provides a safe, inclusive, and diverse learning environment. Emerson School focuses on nurturing academically, socially, and emotionally mindful students.


    Instructional Vision

    During learning, Emerson students engage, collaborate, discover, reflect, and persevere in a joyful community of learners focused on continuous improvement.


    Our School and District Goals for Instruction

    • Our teaching starts with planning units around big ideas and essential questions.
    • Our teaching is culturally responsive and joyful.
    • Our teaching connects to students' interests and activates passions.
    • Our teaching supports rich literacy in all content areas.
    • From pre-assessment to summative assessment, we use consistent, varied, and ongoing formative assessment to inform instruction and measure student growth. 
    • In all content areas, we guide all students to construct viable, evidence-based arguments and to critique the reasoning of others.
    • In all content areas, we offer students multiple and varied opportunities for collaboration and discourse in order to help them build effective communication skills.