• Developer Fees FAQs

    How do I pay the developer fee?

    To pay School Developer Fees, please prepare the following items for collection:

    1. Project Data Form (Click here for Sample)
    2. Original Building Permit Application (Click here for Sample)
    3. Email documents to BUSDDeveloperFees@burbankusd.org
    4. Check payable to BUSD for the exact amount

    To pay by mail, please mail all documents to: 

    BUSD Developer Fees 

    ATTN: Lexi Buliavac

    510 S. Shelton St.

    Burbank, CA 91506


    To pay in person, please email BUSDDeveloperFees@burbankusd.org to schedule an appointment Tuesday through Friday, between 7:30 am and 11:00 am. As a reminder, the office is located at

    District Service Center

    510 S. Shelton St.

    Burbank, CA 91506

    Why does the District charge Developer Fees?

    To fund school facilities needed as a result of development, Government Code § 65995, Education Code § 17620, and Assembly Bill 2926, also known as the “1986 School Facilities Legislation,” granted school districts the right to levy fees to offset the impact on school facilities from new residential and commercial/industrial developments.

    How are fees calculated?

    Per Government Code § 65995(b), the amount of the square footage shall be calculated by the building department of the city or county issuing the building permit, in accordance with the standard practice of that city or county in calculating structural perimeters.

    1. For residential developmentthe square footage within the perimeter of a residential structure, not including any carport, covered or uncovered walkway, garage, overhang, patio, enclosed patio, detached accessory structure, or similar area is used in the calculation. If the addition exceeds 500 sq. ft. of assessable space, fees are charged for the entire addition. If the ADU exceeds 750 sq. ft, fees are charged for the entire ADU.
    2.  For commercial or industrial construction, the covered and enclosed space is determined to be within the structure's perimeter, not including any storage areas incidental to the building's principal use; garage, parking structure, unenclosed walkway, or utility or disposal area is used in the calculation.

    What are the acceptable payment methods?

    Currently, the Developer Fee Office only accepts checks and money orders.

    Ensure that the form of payment is made payable to BUSD in the exact amount.


    *NSF checks will be subjected to a $15 fee in addition to original amount, paid only in cashiers check or money order*