Lisa Dyson
  • It is the mission of the Dolores Huerta Middle School Library that:


    • All students leave our Middle School with the knowledge to be independent life-long learners who are not only ethical, literate users of information, but who are also literate producers of information in order to be successful, productive citizens of the 21st Century.
    • All students will find themselves represented in our library.
    • All students will be able to determine their informational needs, recognize relevant information, solve problems, and effectively communicate the results of their research.
    • All students develop the life-long habit of leisure as well as informational reading.
    • Every student finds a book they’re excited to read, for enjoyment.


    Meet Ms. Dyson - Library Coordinator

    Contact Info ~ 818-729-3900 x21100


    Looking for a book? Want to make a book recommendation? Or submit a book review?

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    Hey Friends - Welcome to your library! - I thought I'd share some fun facts about myself.  First - I love books - no surprises there, but what I love even more is helping you find a book that you'll love too.  I'm happy to point you in the right direction, give you suggestions, and we'll see if we can find you the perfect match. Fun facts ~ I grew up in the heart of our country's Revolutionary beginnings - the City of Brotherly Love - otherwise known as Philadelphia. I moved to LA to pursue an acting career and I've been pretty lucky that way, well Covid put some things on hold but performing is my passion, so you'll find some sections in your "library" that relate to all the Arts. My family is my other great passion - that includes my husband Scott, my daughter Maddie, and our dog Misty.


    Our virtual library is open 24/7 for you to find book suggestions, current author news, the latest & greatest books now in our library for check-out, teacher favs, and more. The site is public and updated daily.  Click on this link


    Currently reading:  Linked by Gordon Korman

    Recently Read – The Science of Being Angry by Nicole Melleby

    The Ogress & the Orphans by Kelly Barnhill