Ms. Rubio - Art Teacher
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    2023 Halloween Art Show

  • Art 6 Beginning Wheel 10 weeks

    In the wheel class, learners are introduced to the elements of art.They work with pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, watercolor, paint markers, and acrylic paint.


    Art 7/8 semester classes 20 weeks 

    The elements and principles of design will be the focus of the semester. Learners build on what they learned in 6th grade. Through a variety of projects, students practice technique and how to solve design challenges in a creative way. Learners are also introduced to ceramics in the semester.


    Advanced Art 7/8 yearlong

    This class is by invitation only. In order to be invited, learners must have taken art in 6th and 7th grade, passed with an 89% or higher, and have shown a significant interest in creating art. This is an advanced-level class with rigorous assignments that challenge learners with creative problem-solving skills. Learners must be able to execute projects in a creative way and meet deadlines on a consistent basis. Learners submit original artwork to be displayed in group art shows and submit work for juried exhibitions throughout the year.


    Learners' artwork from each class will be considered for submission to the annual Burbank Youth Art Expo. 


    In addition, artists from the community are invited to talk about their work and do small projects with the learners.


    Artwork created in class is displayed throughout the classroom and school and on our school's website.




  • 6th Grade Art Class

    Learners had to choose a fruit they wanted to draw and use one of the seven elements of art to illustrate it and create an original work of art that highlighted the element they chose: