• Burbank High School Pool Project Questions and Answers

    Q. The pool has not been usable for almost two years. What happened?

    A. In October of 2019 the edge of the pool deck where it meets the water began to crumble. District staff put collars around the pool decking to stabilize the concrete but the frequency of cracked concrete began to increase. As a result, for safety reasons, the pool was closed for repairs.

    Q. The pool still has water in it and seems usable. Why can’t we use it?

    A. Although the pool appears to be in usable condition, the concrete deck is not stable around the edge of the pool. The water level must be maintained until construction begins otherwise additional damage could occur to the pool shell. We continue to chlorinate the pool water to prevent algae build up and to prevent mosquitos.

    Q. Is the pool deck the only work that needs to be done?

    A. The district made the decision to completely update/modernize the Aquatics Center Pool, spectator seating, scoreboard and other features. A complete list is under the Aquatics Center Proposed Improvements and Additions Tab .

    Q. So, what is the status of the repairs now? How long will this take?

    A. All public school districts are required to hire an architect and submit to a state agency known as the Division of State Architects, otherwise referred to as the “DSA”. The District has hired an architect, Flewelling and Moody Architects, to do the design work and submit to DSA. The plans were submitted in October of 2022 and are currently under DSA review. This process could take up to 6 months.

    Q. Once the plans are approved, can we start construction?

    A. Public agencies as well as school districts are required to go out to competitive bid. This process can take about 3 months to complete. Once the selected contractor is awarded the contract by the board, construction can begin.

    Q. When will we start construction and how long will it take?

    A. Although these are estimates, we are planning on starting construction summer of 2023 and completing the work by the end of 2023.