• 🏆🎖 JBHS is proud of our student award recipients! 🏆🎖 

    JBHS students honored by The American Association of Teachers of French:This year, 14 John Burroughs high school students were honored by The American Association of Teachers of French in 2 national contests they organized.  Andrea Fabella, Annabelle Abruzzo, Roman Yemetz, Gabrielle Fleury  and Destiny Helligar won the Yves Magloé award for best short film in French with their film "Ma Nouvelle Blonde". James Reid, Pearl Basu, Vanessa Mombrun, Gabrielle Fleury, Otis and Olive VerGow, Alexandra Palomino, Sadie Beal, Luna Flate and Maresa Smith won gold, silver and bronze medals at the National French Awards contest called the Grand Concours. They ranked in the top 10% nationally and competed against the most prestigious schools in the country.

    2023 Finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Competition: Congratulations to our 3 semifinalists who have met all requirements to advance to Finalist standing in the National Merit Scholarship Competition. Finalists: Margaret Roberts, Lillian Raesler, and Nayan Ramakrishnan are presented with A certificate of Merit for their advancement. 

    Finalist Lillian Raesler, below

    Finalist Maggie Roberts, below

    Finalist Nayan Ramakrishnan, below

    The announcement of some 7,250 winners out of some 15,000 Finalists of the National Merit Scholarship Competition will be announced in March.  

    group 1 group 2

    Photo 2 students submitted photographs to Reflections for the PTA art contest. Kennedy's photo won first place for JBHS and went on to the next level of judgment this weekend,  where she won first place out of all the high school students' submissions in Burbank.

    2023 Semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship Competition​: ​These students are eligible to apply for a National Merit Scholarship, based upon scores on the PSAT.  This year's recipients are, from left to right, Margaret Roberts, Lillian Raesler, and Nayan Ramakrishnan.

    NMS Semifinalists


    2023 College Board National Recognition Program:  These students earn recognition for their academic achievements in school, along with outstanding performance on the PSAT and/or AP Exams. These students accomplished these milestones during an immensely demanding period of their high school career.​

    National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA): Recipients are, from left to right, Andre Villavicencio, Ava Moore, Diego Perez, Finn Krol, Juanesteban Garcia, Jacob Bowers, Micaela Bowers, Julius Villa, Natalie Jimenez, and Nicole Jimenez (not pictured)



    National African American Recognition Award (NAARA)​: Recipient Lili Walker, below



    National Indigenous Award (NIA): Sorsha Khitikian, below