• District Goals:

    BUSD’s GATE identification procedures are equitable, comprehensive, and reflect the District’s definition of intellectual giftedness and that relationship to current state criteria. 

    It is the goal of the District to expand efforts to locate students who may be “intellectually gifted.” Once identified, these students should be provided stimulating and differentiated educational experiences. 

    The student population of the BUSD GATE Program should proportionately represent the student population of the District with regard to gender, race, ethnicity, and current efforts are focusing on increasing the numbers of students from underrepresented groups.

    Identification Process:

    The District’s Search and Serve Process screens for potential GATE students in grades 4- 12. There is universal screening of 3rd graders, meaning all 3rd graders will be tested unless a parent opts out of testing. 

    For students in grades 4 – 12, this is done via outreach to parents, community, teachers, administrators, and support personnel.

    Students can be nominated for the GATE program by parents, teachers, administrators, and/or counselors using a nomination rating scale called the HOPE Scale. You can download a copy, complete it and return it to the GATE Coordinator at your school site or to the district GATE coordinator. 

    HOPE Scale for Parents (English)

    HOPE Scale for Parents (Spanish)

    HOPE Scale for Parents (Armenian)


    Students will be screened with the CogAT 7 test. If students score 80% or higher on the screener, they will move on to the full assessment. The qualification criteria is as follows:

    CogAT scores minimum criteria:

      • 90th percentile in two of three subtests
      • 88th  percentile in two of three subtests with 1-risk factor
      • 86th  percentile in two subtests of three subtests with 2-risk factors
      • 90th percentile in one subtest and 87-90th percentile in another subtest combined with a composite score of  90th  percentile or profile in the 8th stanine
      • In all cases, must have at least 75th percentile in Nonverbal section

    Additional data may be provided to supplement test scores and recommend students for program placement as decided by the GATE Identification Committee. The Identification committee will take into consideration nominations, test scores, and any other relevant educational data in their final decision to include students into the program.

    Students may also use WISC and WNV scores to qualify. (Please contact the District GATE Coordinator for more information on this option.)

    Sample Items:

    You can find sample items here: CogAT Practice Activities

    For more detailed information about the identification process, please see the GATE Master Plan.