Emerson seeks to build a community that is warm, inclusive, and supportive. We are a PBIS school. This stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. It is our goal to proactively build positive skills for cooperation and building relationships. In this way, all members of our community learn to value and respect each other and our school.

    It is an expectation that ALL people on our campus will follow our STARS pledge.





    Hallways & Stairs 


    Library & Computer  Lab





    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will…

    Stay safe

    walk quietly and calmly 

    walk in a straight line and  listen to adult 

    keep body parts to self

    follow game rules  

    use equipment properly 

    move safely

    walk using quiet feet 

    sit safely in our chair

    do our business, flush, wash  & be on our way 

    keep our feet on the floor

    walk to the line keeping  body parts to ourselves

    sit at the appropriate table

    enter & exit by walking 

    sit correctly in our chair  keeping body parts to self


    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will…

    Think mindfully

    keep to the right side 

    be mindful of yellow dots

    drink water and use the  restroom if needed 

    walk to the line when the bell  rings

    use a shelf marker for books 

    use a quiet voice and gentle  hands

    take care of our own needs &  use only what We need 

    wait patiently

    keep our voice quiet in line  & at the table 

    eat our own food

    use whole body listening 

    direct our attention to the  speaker  

    use an inside voice


    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will…

    Act responsibly

    walk from one place to  


    use an indoor voice if We need  to talk

    take responsibility for our  actions and words 

    put away equipment

    use tools and materials  


    return materials to correct  spot

    use the restroom as a  


    keep the bathroom clean

    eat first, then play 

    throw away trash 

    stay seated until dismissed

    participate appropriately follow given directions


    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will…

    Respect everyone

    stay in line 

    use quiet feet 

    keep our voice level at zero

    speak kindly 

    listen to adults 

    respect all games in progress

    listen & follow directions 

    raise hand quietly when We  need assistance

    keep our eyes, hands and  feet to ourselves

    allow others to enter and exit  peacefully

    listen & follow 

    directions from an adult 

    respect other’s food  


    listen quietly to the speaker


    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will… 

    We will…

    Succeed together

    be a positive role model 

    kindly remind other to follow  the expectations

    share and take turns 

    play with others peacefully

    work with others to keep a  neat and orderly environment

    be a positive role model 

    take care of our own  


    make room for others at  the table 

    nourish our brain & body  with healthy foods

    enjoy the assembly/show make good 


    be excellent role models for others