• Carefully follow the expected formatting!

  • NAF Academy Required Formatting

    The NAF portfolio will be started during your 1st year in the academy and should be updated/edited each year thereafter.  Your NAF teacher will lead you through some of the required elements, but it is ultimately your responsibility to complete each element.  Portfolio documents and information will now be stored on your Google Drive.  Your portfolio will be used for various assignments in all of your NAF classes, so start early and continually update.  Start a Google Site (using your personal Gmail account) to host your portfolio items.  You will share this link with your teacher, mock interviewers, potential employers and on your scholarship and college applications. *Check your site settings before sharing.  All portfolio documents, pictures, etc should be in your BUSD Google Drive in a folder named for your NAF Academy.  Please follow this format:


    Career Documents - resume, cover letter, references, goals, reasons to be hired

    • Font Options:  Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri 
    • Font Size: 12 
    • Margins: 1” on all sides
    • Single spaced
    • All career documents typed and created by you must include the same contact information at the top: your name, cell number, professional email (home address optional)


    Internship Experience Overview & Evaluation

    • MLA Format 
      • Font Options:  Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri 
      • Font Size: 12 (can be larger on binder cover page & internship cover page)
      • Margins: 1” on all sides
      • Double spaced
    • Include pictures and typed description of internship work samples


    Please Note:

    Your NAF Internship Experience Overview & Evaluation is due on the Friday before spring break. *Check that assignment for more details. You cannot receive NAFTrack Certification or a NAF graduation cord if you skip the internship and corresponding internship assignment.  Please inform your NAF senior teacher if you have decided not to complete the internship or assignment.