• Click below to review the directions from Ms. Edge including a step by step video.  Click below to view a former NAF student portfolio.

  • Digital Portfolio

    Click HERE to follow along as Ms. Edge explains the steps and requirements of the NAF Digital Portfolio. Be sure to check the settings of your Google Docs/Slides/Sheets.  Either set for open sharing or share with your teacher or the viewer will NOT be able to open.  This is not an issue with Word/PowerPoint/Excel or PDFs.  Please use your professional Gmail account to create your Google Site.  Also, students lose access to their BUSD Google drive files upon graduating.  Download and/or move your important files now! 

    Check out these great student examples!

    Digital Portfolio Requirements

    All NAF students must create and update their Google site.  You must create and use a professional Gmail account to get started.  Real pictures and documents will help support your portfolio.  NOTE:  Do not include other students or people in your pictures.  You may show the backs of people or just hands in the pictures.

    Required Pages & Content

    Home Page:

    • Professional DFS photo
    • NAF logo
    • Short self introduction

    About Me:

    • Descriptions of your clubs, sports, & activities
    • Include a statement about what you learned from being part of that group
    • Include a real picture of yourself actively participating in the group
    • Include a document or something you created as part of the group

    Career Documents:

    • Cover letter
    • Resume
    • References
    • Professional Goals
    • Reasons to Hire You

    NAF Academy:

    • Overall NAF mission statement
    • Academy specific mission statement
    • List of all NAF classes
      • Include the course description AND explain what you learned
    • Screenshot of your NAFTrack progress graph


    • Internship introductory paragraph
    • Internship contact information
      • Business location, supervisor name, email, phone number
    • Typed internship assignment
    • NAFTrack Supervisor Assessment/Evaluation
    • Hours Verification
    • Informational interview
    • Sample Schedule
    • Supporting evidence
      • Pictures, documents, work samples, etc.

    Optional Extra Pages - not required for class of 2022: Awards, projects, Eagle Scout, Girls Scout Gold Award, anything special you want to highlight