• Commission on Teacher Credentialing

    Preliminary Report of Findings and Addendum 


    Burbank Unified School District



    Date of Review

    November 2019

    Please complete the table below for all programs that were deemed to require “more information needed” by reviewers during Program Review (PR).  Brief narrative (less than 75 words) is allowable but response must include links to evidence that address the issue identified by the reviewers. 

     Posting the Addendum

    Information from the addendum must be posted on the institution’s accreditation website at least 60 days before the site visit, along with the original program review document and feedback from the program reviewers.  Please do not resubmit your response the items below, responses need only be added to your institution’s accreditation website.

    Standards Found to be Preliminarily Aligned

    1, 4, 5  


    Standards Requiring More Information

    Comment from Program Reviewers

    Response from Program

    Standard 2: Components of the Mentoring Design

    Reviewers did not see evidence of candidates ILP being guided by Preliminary Program Transition Plan.


    Standard 3: Designing and Implementing Individual Learning Plans within the Mentoring System

    Reviewers did not see evidence of candidate’s consistent practice of reflection on the effectiveness of instruction.


    Standard 6: Program Responsibilities for Assuring Quality of Program Services


    Reviewers did not find evidence of candidate’s feedback regarding the quality of services provided by mentors.


    Reviewers did not see evidence of clear procedure in place for reassignment of mentor, if the pairing of candidate and mentor is not effective. 


    Reviewers did not find evidence of formative feedback to mentors from induction program leaders.