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    regarding the transition process from SEED to TK and/or Kindergarten.  



Special Education Early Development (SEED) Children's Program 

  • Program Mission:

    The SEED Program provides intensive early intervention services through a collaborative model to address a child's individual needs and to build on their strengths in order to help foster future school success. 

    Program Highlights:

    ¨ SEED offers an intensive early intervention preschool program designed for children with identified special needs ages three and above.

    ¨ The program is designed to help children develop communication, speech language, social, pre-academic, and motor skills to prepare them for future school success.

    ¨ Special education services are provided based on the assessment and recommendations made by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team which includes special education teachers, occupational therapists, behaviorists, and speech-language pathologists.  

    ¨ Early childhood education specialists provide daily activities that follow preschool learning foundations as well as focusing on individual goals outlined on the student’s IEP.  

    ¨ Children also have opportunities for interaction with typically developing   preschool age students through our Preschool Friends Program.