• BUSD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Reopening of School

    The purpose of this document is to provide answers to some common questions regarding the reopening of BUSD schools. The evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic requires the need to rethink common protocols in the educational setting with the understanding that these guidelines could change as the situation evolves. All planning and protocols are consistent with and will adjust to changing applicable state and local public health orders. 

    IMPORTANT: Please be advised that many of these items listed in the Frequently Asked Questions are subject to negotiations with the Burbank Teachers Association (BTA) and the California School Employees Association (CSEA).


    Spanish: BUSD Preguntas Frecuentes (FAQ) sobre Reapertura de Colegios

    El propósito de este documento es la de proporcionar la respuesta a algunas de las preguntas más comunes que nos hacen relacionadas con la reapertura de los colegios BUSD. La naturaleza evolutiva de la pandemia del COVID-19, nos obliga a reflexionar sobre los protocolos habituales en un entorno educativo, con el entendimiento de que estos lineamientos pueden cambiar en la medida que la situación se va desenvolviendo. Toda la planeación y los protocolos son consistentes con y se ajustarán de acuerdo a las órdenes de salud pública local y estatal.

    IMPORTANTE: Le hacemos saber que muchos de estos aspectos mencionados en las Preguntas Frecuentes, están sujetas a negociación con la Asociación de Profesores de Burbank (BTA) y con la Asociación de Empleados del Sector Educativo de California (CSEA). Redacción de preguntas y respuestas traducidas al  idioma español para BUSD por Nuria Lundberg (2020-2021)


BUSD Closures and Reopening

  • Spanish Translation: BUSD Clausura y Reapertura

  • Why did BUSD close schools to students and the public?

  • What if conditions change?

  • What is the anticipated opening date of schools?

  • How will I receive information from BUSD and schools, and where do I go for questions?

Academics - Curriculum and Instruction

  • Spanish Translation: Académico – Plan de Estudios e Instrucción

  • Attendance FAQ's

  • What will be covered in the webinar titled "Technology Support for Families" that was shared in the Superintendent’s letter on August 6, 2020? Will it cover how to use Google Classroom or any other online platform BUSD chooses?

  • How many online platforms will BUSD be using? Will it be only Google Classroom?

  • What is live virtual interaction?

  • What does live virtual instruction mean? Does the teacher need to be teaching the whole group live for the entire teaching period? (ex.: the 80 minutes for TK,K; the 120 minute ELA/Math periods in grades 1-5, and the times for secondary)

  • Can parents continue with Distance Learning if we switch to hybrid or traditional models?

  • If the full fall semester is going to be online, when will that decision be made? If schools are going to re-open, even as a hybrid, how much notice will families be given?

  • How do students prepare for college? Do you know if SATs will be offered? Do you know if ACTs will be offered? Do you know if PSATs will be offered? I realize this is constantly changing. When you see information, can you share it with us?

  • I understand there will be no College Fair this year. Is there a possibility of doing a virtual College Fair?

  • How are labs going to be taught in science? Will the science classes in high school still meet the UC a-g lab science requirements?

  • How will you address the PE requirement so sophomores can pass out of taking it for 4 years?

  • When you refer to office hours in the MOU, is that one-on-one interaction with the teacher similar to when a student would go by a teacher's classroom after school to ask additional questions?

  • If the Stage Tech class does not have the required adults paying full tuition and the class has to be cancelled, when will that decision be made so that students can choose another class?

  • Will there be Back to School nights where teachers can share with parents how their classes will be structured and what we all should expect?


  • Spanish Translation: Comunicación

  • How do I get updates and information?

  • How do we access the Board of Education meetings? Send in comments?

  • Are school offices open?

Health and Safety

  • Spanish Translation: Salud y Seguridad

  • What are schools doing in response to COVID-19?

Mental Health and Wellness Supports

  • Spanish Translation: Apoyo en Salud Mental y Bienestar

  • What counseling services will be available for students if they need someone to talk to?

  • If my child/student needs mental health and wellness support, where can I find information?

  • My child regularly sees a therapist from Family Services Agency – Burbank while at school. Will this still be possible in a hybrid or online-only model?


  • Spanish Translation: Deportes

  • What is the status of Fall sports?

  • Will choosing 100% distance through BUSD impede the chance of doing a sport for PE credit?

  • When will students be able to participate in extracurricular sports?

Food Services

  • Spanish Translation: Servicios Alimenticios

  • How do I apply for meal benefits for the 2020-2021 school year?

  • Will food be available for my student/s?

  • Do I have to pay for the food?

  • Can I just get one or two days’ worth of food?

  • I have 3 students who all attend different schools. Can I pick up all three meals kits from just one school site?

  • I work on Friday’s and can’t pick up the meals. What should I do?

  • Where do I go to pick up the food at the school?


  • Spanish Translation: Tecnología

  • What is the priority for Chromebooks or hotspot as the district does not have unlimited resources?

  • How does my child get a Chromebook?

  • How does my child get a hotspot for internet connection?

  • How do I get help if my district-issued Chromebook or hotspot is not working?

  • How do I get help to connect my student to a classroom or to a district curriculum?

Child Care

  • Spanish Translation: Servicios de Guardería o Cuidado infantil

  • How do I register my child for BUSD Child Care Programs (Around The Bell, Horace Mann Child Care and/or Monterey Child Care)?

  • Do I need to re-register for childcare if my child is returning?

  • When is registration for childcare?

  • How do I know if I completed my child’s registration for childcare?

  • Does the district offer subsidized childcare for low income families?

  • What other childcare options are available if I am unable to enroll in a BUSD childcare program for before and after school care?

Community / Family Resources

  • Spanish Translation: Comunidad/Recursos para Familias

  • Community/Family Resources

  • Resources

  • Directives from LA County Health Department

  • Superintendent’s Messages