• The  Purpose  of  the  English Language  Advisory Council (ELAC)

    The  purpose  of  the  ELAC  is  to  provide parents  of English  Learners  the opportunity  to  learn more about  the  programs  offered  to  their  students.  The ELAC  advises  the principal  and school  staff  on programs  and  services  for  English  Language Learners  and  advises  the  School  Site  Council on  the development of the Single School  Plan for  Student  Achievement. Parents  are given an opportunity to  voice their  concerns  and  have  their  questions  answered  at the meetings.  In  addition,  topics  of interest,  such  as  reading  and  math  skills,  stages  of language acquisition,  and  homework  strategies are addressed  as  well. All parents of English learners are encouraged to participate in our school site ELAC and District ELAC (DELAC). These groups provide valuable input for ongoing program improvement. They additionally receive information and provide input to schools on curriculum, instruction, program evaluation, policies and budget. 

    English Learner Advisory Committee Meetings (ELAC)



    We will hold four English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) meetings this year. Meetings last about 30 to 45 minutes depending on the topic and discussion.

    Meetings are held virtually through Zoom. The link and invitation is emailed to parents of English Learners. Scheduled meetings are listed below: 

    Our first ELAC meeting is Wednesday, October 5, 2023, at 9:00 am through Zoom.

    Please call the school office or email arpineovsepyan@burbankusd.org if you have any questions or need help joining the meeting.


    District English Learner Advisory Committee Meetings (DELAC)

    Zoom link is emailed to interested parties. Please see the district's page for the most updated meeting information.  

    September 14, 2023:        6 - 7 pm

    October 12, 2023:             9 - 10 am   

    November 30, 2023:         6 - 7 pm

    January 18, 2024:             9 - 10 am

    February 22, 2024:            6 - 7 pm

    March 28, 2024:                9 - 10 am



    Please email arpineovsepian@burbankusd.org with any questions.


    Prior ELAC meetings

    Please click on the agenda's image below to open the presentation.


    1st Emerson ELAC Meeting 23-24 Armenian

    1st Emerson ELAC Meeting 23-24 English

    2nd Emerson ELAC Meeting 23-24

    3rd Emerson ELAC Meeting 23-24

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