• Standard 4: Continuous Improvement

    Item 1: Assessment Cycle Graphic

    Assessment Cycle Graphic


    Item 2: Annotated list of data sources.

    Name of Data Source

    Description of Data Source

    Annual Dashboard Data Submission

    Program coordinators provide data to California each year regarding program numbers and makeup.  

    Induction Candidate Self-Assessment

    In semesters 1, 3 & 4 of induction, mentees review all CSTPS to assess their current level of competency.  Ratings are shared with mentors and program coordinators. Feedback to mentees on these assessments comes from the new teacher’s mentor.  

    Mentor Self-Assessment

    Mentors use a program-created Mentor self-assessment to gauge personal performance and competencies. 

    Mentee Assessment of Mentor

    Mentees use the MiraVia Mentoring Relationship Self-Assessment Rubric to measure the strength of the mentor/mentee relationship.   

    Mentor Training Surveys

    At the conclusion of new and refresher mentor training, mentors provide feedback about the usefulness and value of the training activities toward their individual growth.  

    Annual Program Goal Review

    At the beginning of each year, program coordinators set program growth goals that are reviewed at the end of the calendar year.  Results feed forward to the year ahead.  

    Inquiry Rubric Data from Individual Learning Plan Submissions

    Mentee Individual Learning Plan (ILP) submissions are scored on a rubric scale of 1 (does not meet expectations), 2 (meets expectations), and 3 (exceeds expectations). Mentee work that does not meet expectations is returned with feedback and a successful revision to passing round is required.

    Mid-Year Survey

    Mentors & Mentees complete the Mid-Year Survey to give feedback regarding induction including suggestions for program improvement, particularly around the mentor/mentee match and meetings. 

    Advisory Committee Feedback

    Advisory Committee feedback is provided to program coordinators twice per year.  This feedback is used to make necessary structural adjustments, review candidate successes &/or grievances, and strengthen the program overall.

    Mentor Growth Plans

    Mentors select a teaching or mentoring goal each year to focus their own growth.  Much like an Individual Learning Plan, the mentor chooses the focus, the action plan, the measurables, and reflects on the outcomes using the Mentor Growth Plan document.  

    End of Year Survey

    Mentors, Mentees, & Administrators complete the End of Year Survey to give feedback regarding induction including suggestions for program improvement. 

    Exit Interview Data

    All year two and early completion option candidates sit for an exit interview with program coordinators.  At this interview, candidates discuss their final semester of induction, self-select CSTP strengths/areas of improvement, career goals, program strengths and potential improvements.  Data from the teacher’s answers are entered into a spreadsheet, analyzed, and shared with program staff and stakeholders.  

    Program Completer Survey 

    This is the survey generated by the state for candidates who have completed induction and who have been recommended for the professional clear credential.