Cyber Safety

  • Digital citizenship is a topic that’s important for all ages. Children are accessing devices and the internet at increasingly younger ages, well before coming to school. The amount of time young people are spending on screens is also increasing to a significant amount — about 6 hours a day for tweens and 9 hours a day for teens.

    Along with learning about opportunities, children need to learn about the responsibilities that come with using technology. When students develop habits and behaviors without guidance, problems are sure to occur.

    We need to create a positive culture where students feel empowered to use technology safely and purposefully. Check out the tips below for parents and students. Talk to your kids about safety on the internet and responsibility with social media.

Tips for Parents

  • 10 Internet Safety Tips for Parents

Tips for Students

  • Tips for Student Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

  • Privacy Tips for Students

Hoax Threats are Serious Federal Crimes

  • Hoax Threats: It's not a joke

    Hoax threats carry serious consequences. Click on the image above to read the FBI article.