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    This is a reference tool for the school/family team and is subject to change without prior notice.

    Email address and/or technology used to support instruction lynnrothacher@burbankusd.org
    Does the planner get checked? Periodically. Students are asked to take out planners and write down the homework as soon as they sit down.
    How often is homework given? 3-4 nights per week
    How often do you give assessments or big projects? Quizzes/tests occur every 2-3 weeks. Big projects are generally one a quarter.
    Do you use the Aeries portal to update grades? Yes.
    How do students get handouts when they are absent or they have been misplaced? I have a box in the back of my room for every day of the month. Upon their return, they go to the back table, grab their handouts, and write down their homework assignments.
    If students are struggling in class, how/when can they get extra support? Students can come to me during homeroom or after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. They can have extensions on assignments. Sometimes assignments are modified.
    Add any other information you would like parents to know. I am readily available and willing to make accommodations as needed. Don't hesitate to contact me. The better the lines of communication, the greater odds of student success!