• All applicants have been emailed regarding their acceptance status.  Remember that you must still pass all of your classes and keep the minimum 2.0 GPA to actually start the classes in the fall.  Our registration advice is to select and register for the required NAF Academy classes, but be sure to list your backup classes as alternates.  Follow these slides to help you during the registration process. The online application window closed on Friday, February 4th.  If you missed the deadline to apply, you may complete this form to be added to the wait list.


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    Click HERE for NAF course numbers & help with registration.

    Click HERE for help creating an Aeries Account.

  • Please review the NAF Code of Conduct that all students must follow while academy members.  Note the requirements to qualify and earn a stole and/or cord to wear at graduation.

  • Click HERE for the BUSD Course Description Guide.

  • NOTE: Applications required for NEW academy students only.  Returning academy students should NOT apply again.