• Here at CDS, students can earn points for positive behavior. Up to 13 points can be earned each day, 65 points per week.

    Each student that receives 80% positive behavior during the week (52 points), will receive a reward.

    Students can also earn R.I.S.E. cards. If a student is seen showing Respect, Integrity, Support, or Empathy, they will be given a special card, which will then be entered into a drawing for a reward.


    Expected Classroom Behaviors


    • In class and in your seat on or before the bell rings



    • Listen
    • Participate
    • Appropriate classroom conversation
    • Work without distracting others


    Respectful Words

    • Ask appropriately
    • Be patient and wait for your turn
    • Raise your hand to ask questions
    • Use polite and respectful words


    Respect Property

    • Ask politely for things
    • Keep desk and surrounding areas clean including the bathroom and lunch area
    • Keep hands to yourself
    • Pick up after yourself









    last revised July 30, 2019