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    Burbank Unified School District’s Teacher Induction program serves to develop the habits, skill sets, and professional dispositions of our newest teachers.  Designed to provide a robust web of job-embedded supports, our induction program provides new teachers with mentoring, professional development, and extensive opportunities for reflection and growth under the guidance of highly qualified and trained mentors.  This two year experience features inquiry based learning, the development of individualized learning plans, the collection of artifacts to show the impact of their work, and the chance to demonstrate their competencies in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.  Upon completion of the program, our new teachers are prepared to create safe, engaging, and equitable classrooms where all learners will thrive. 

    California teachers who have earned their preliminary teaching credential have five years to earn their Clear Single or Multiple Subject Credential.    The process by which a new teacher earns the clear credential is by completing a two year, state-approved & accredited induction program. Burbank Unified School District is proud to offer this program for its new teachers at no cost to employees.

Induction Candidates

  • Induction candidates enroll in our program for 4 concurrent semesters.  During this time, credential candidates must demonstrate growth toward mastery and competency in the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.  The vehicle by which this competency is demonstrated and assessed is the Individualized Learning Plan, a teacher-driven inquiry plan that allows the teacher to choose areas of focus, create a plan of action,  gather impact data and reflect on outcomes. Guiding this process are the new teachers’ mentor and induction program coordinators. As part of induction, the new teachers are expected to observe effective colleagues in the district as well as be observed by their mentor.  Two capstone activities are required at the culmination of each year: an essay at the end of year one and an exit interview at the end of year two.

    Induction Candidate Roles and Responsibilities

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Mentor Applicants

  • Mentor Applicants

    We believe that the best way to grow great teachers is through mentoring and close collaboration among and between educators.  If you would like to pay forward your expertise and passion for our profession, we’d love to have you as a mentor. Teachers with 3 years of effective teaching experience, a demonstrated commitment to professional learning and collaboration, a Clear California teacher credential, and the desire to assist new teachers are welcome to apply to become a mentor in our induction program.  Mentors are selected on the basis of qualifications, a teaching observation, & the recommendation of references. Once selected, mentors are trained in the Mentoring Matters protocols and philosophies which guide our induction program. Once trained, mentors are matched with a new teacher on their campus or in their content area specialty as needed.  

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Early Completion Option

  • New hires with at least two years of teaching experience who have demonstrated professional excellence as observed by both site administrators and induction program coordinators, may choose an Early Completion pathway. This pathway would allow the new hire to participate in 14 months of induction instead of the more common 20 months. If a candidate believes he/she qualifies for early completion, we offer the application paperwork and timelines to guide the process. All documentation, evaluations, reflection and administrator recommendations must be submitted by established deadlines and the candidate must sit for an exit interview with the Induction Advisory Committee before he/she can earn the Professional Clear Credential. Please clink on the ECO links on our Induction Website for more information.

    ECO FAQs

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Induction Grievance Protocols

  • The Burbank Unified School District takes great care in the design and implementation of the Induction Program. Upon completion of the two-year program, clear credential candidates will have received the training, mentor support, and feedback to stand them in great stead in the teaching profession. Prior to recommending a candidate for a California Clear Credential, the Burbank Induction Program will verify that the candidate has satisfactorily completed all of the program activities and requirements, and that the program has documented passing scores on all work submitted for the ILPs (individual learning plans) and for the exit interview. The verification of a candidate’s fitness for a clear credential recommendation is based on meeting attendance, teaching observations, written documents, mentor activity logs, and workshop participation all designed to reveal and record the candidate’s progression toward mastery on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. 

    If the candidate needs additional time to complete their required work, or if the candidate submits work that does not meet an acceptable standard for quality and completeness, induction coordinators will meet with the candidate and mentor to develop an action plan to ensure completion of the program requirements to a satisfactory, and timely, degree. This action plan will become part of the official documentation for the Clear credential recommendation and must include a timeline in which evidence is to be produced to show program completion. Program coordinators will work closely with the teacher candidate to provide support and feedback so that a passing score on all work submitted is highly likely. 

    If a candidate wishes to appeal a rubric score and/or program completion decision on his/her portfolio work, then the candidate will submit an Appeal of Program Decision to the Induction Director no later than two weeks upon delivery of the program decision to the candidate. The Induction Director will then review the appeal and allow the candidate to appear before the Burbank Induction Advisory Committee (IAC) to present his/her appeal with rationale. The Burbank IAC shall retain the final decision of the candidate’s portfolio when an appeal is made, and this decision shall be final. This decision may include but not be limited to a reversal of the initial decision or the need for additional assistance to bring the candidate’s work to a satisfactory completion status. The IAC will direct the Induction Program Coordinators as to the needed steps and/or Action Plan to bring the candidate’s portfolio to completion status to then proceed with the Clear credential recommendation.

    Informal Grievance Protocol

    Formal Grievance Protocol

California Teacher Induction and Credentialing Websites

Program Coordinator Contact Information


    Rebecca Mieliwocki
    Secondary Induction Coordinator
    BUSD District Office-Instructional Services
    1900 W. Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505


    Jeninfer Griffith, TOSA supporting Elementary Induction
    BUSD District Office-Instructional Services
    1900 W. Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505


    Jennifer Gomez, TOSA supporting SPED Induction
    BUSD District Office-Instructional Services
    1900 W. Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505