• Luther Burbank Middle School

    Extracurricular/ Cocurricular Eligibility Requirements


    In accordance with Administrative Regulations 6145, Luther Burbank Middle School will adhere to the following requirements for extracurricular and cocurricular activities including, but not limited to:

    • VMA
    • IMA
    • ASB
    • Cheer
    • Dances
    • Lunch Activities
    • Performing in assemblies
    • 8th grade Grad Night
    • After school activities (Track meet, Tri-School Basketball Tournament, etc.)


    Middle School Student Participation in Extracurricular and Cocurricular Activities

    Middle school students, grades 6-8, who are not suspended, expelled, or serving detention may participate in extracurricular activities that are not a part of the regular school curriculum, are not graded, do not offer credit, and do not take place during classroom time.

    Middle school students must be academically eligible in order to participate in cocurricular activities. Cocurricular activities are those associated with the school curriculum which involve missing instructional time (examples: field trips, competitions, assemblies which pull students from class). Students who demonstrate inappropriate behavior may not participate in cocurricular activities unless approved by the eligibility committee (outlined in the following paragraph).

    Academic ineligibility: A student who receives two or more failing grades on a regular grading period's report card will have a site review of his/her eligibility. A site review committee will be composed of the principal or designee, a site counselor or designee, and the faculty chairperson or designee. The review committee will evaluate each student's performance in order to make a determination to (1) declare the student ineligible, (2) place the student on probation allowing the student to participate in the activity until the next five week grading period, or (3) with a finding of special circumstances, allow the student to participate. The committee will also offer strategies to assist each student to succeed including such activities as requiring a student to attend class review before or after school for additional help, and/or requiring the student to make special arrangements to make up any time missed during the regular school day because of participation in the cocurricular activity.

    If a student does not meet eligibility requirements at the end of the probation period, the student will be referred to the site review committee for further action or strategies as outlined in the paragraph above. The site review committee shall continue to monitor the student on a case by case basis.

    If after a probationary period, the student again earns two failing marks, the student will be declared ineligible and the student will again be referred for site review as outlined above.