• Private Colleges and Universities in California:





    Private universities offer students a unique educational experience, combining rich history, personal attention, community atmosphere and individually focused academic programs. California is home to many private universities including Stanford, USC and Pepperdine to name a few. Students from around the world choose to attend California's private universities, which are ranked among the best in the world.

    College admissions criteria are very similar to that of the CA state schools’ a-g requirements. However, be sure to check the school’s website for specific admissions information.

    If the private college/university uses the Common Application, then visit www.commonapp.org to apply. Common App serves its member institutions and secondary schools by providing applications that students and school officials may submit to any of its over 500 members. To check for college application deadlines, including early action and early decision, fees, and requirements, visithttps://www.commonapp.org/Login#!PublicPages/AllMembers. At the top there will be a tab called ‘Members Colleges’ and from there you can select ‘Admissions Requirements.’ Application period opens Aug 1st.

    Common App will require students to submit an essay that answers one of six prompts. They will also require students to invite a teacher and the counselor for letters of recommendation. If you plan on requesting a letter of recommendation from your counselor for private four year colleges, brag sheets and copies of your personal statements are due to your counselor by mid-November so that they can meet holiday deadlines. Brag sheets are available at the college/career center and in the counseling office.