• College Planning

    PLEASE NOTE: These are external websites and BUSD does not monitor the accuracy of the information posted.

    • peerlift.org We connect high school students of all backgrounds to a proven selection of exceptional opportunities for college.
    • campustours.com– provides links to 100s of U.S. colleges and universities offering virtual tours, interactive campus maps, web cams, videos, campus pictures, general information, tuition costs, enrollment data, admission requirements, major fields of study, and sports.
    • nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator- A U.S. Dept. of education site on finding the ‘right college for you.’
    • petersons.com– This site is a major point of departure to start your college search
    • princetonreview.com– Much information is provided on this site about college searches and evaluation of colleges.
    • usnews.com– This site provides useful information including college rankings, searching for colleges, college majors, and college planning tools.
    • rwm.org– provides a database for private postsecondary vocational schools by state and by training occupation.
    • collegeboard.com/Data on more than 3,200 two and four-year colleges. Searchable database. Lots of tips.
    • review.comThe Princeton Review site. College match and rankings.
    • csumentor.eduAll CSU campuses. Build a portfolio and transfer information
    • ucop.edu/pathwaysUC system site. Portfolio option, searches, links.
    • aiccu.eduConnections for all California private colleges.
    • petersons.comCollege matching service and specific major information.
    • campustours.comCollege sites with virtual tours, web cams.
    • cpec.ca.govOverview of post-secondary education in California links.
    • 4tests.comSAT I II and ACT online practice test site


    Career Planning

    www.cacareerzone.org/index.html - this interactive Web site provides

    • Self-assessment instruments
    • Career exploration info with 15 industry sectors with 900 occupations and 300 career videos
    • A reality check section designed so users can create a budget for living an ‘ideal’ adult lifestyle and then explore occupations which will provide the salary needed to cover these costs
    • A search option for finding your favorite career

    www.californiacareers.info – provides career information and resources, including a self-assessment to help you with career exploration.

    http://online.onetcenter.org – developed by the U.S. Department of Labor, is the main source of occupational information in the U.S.



    http://get2work.borderlink.org/page.php?book=yp  - provides info on putting together you personal portfolio

    http://jobstar.org/index.php- a public library site features the hidden job market of networking, help with resumes and cover letters.

    www.bls.gov/opub/ooq/2002/summer/art03.pdf - this source gives the ‘inside scoop’ on informational interviewing.

    www.jobweb.com/Resumes_Interviews.aspx?id=896 – tips on interviews, resumes and electronic resumes.

    www.susanireland.com/eresumeguide/eresume/index.html - The Electronic Resume Guide shows how to format resumes for email, electronic resume, posting online, and resume scanning.  

    www.worksmart.ca.gov/tips_resume.html- also available in Spanish provides labor market information, tips for success, including the application, interview, and resume.


    Time Management/Study Skills 

    • studygs.net– provides assistance with study skills and test taking