Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be dedicated learners who:

    Develop and implement meaningful educational, career and personal goals.

    Demonstrate persistence, focus and respobsibility for successful completion of the program in which they are enrolled.

    Students will be effective communicators who:

    Comprehend, analyze and respond appropriately to verbal, print and visual media.

    Actively participate in their communities as productive and civically-engaged members.

    Students will be lifelong learners who:

    Pursue educational, college, career and or enrichment pathways and opportunities for their families and themselves.

    Research and utilize community resources effectively.

    Maintain and improve adaptive life and technology skills in a global society.

    Students will be critical thinkers and problem solvers who:

    Demonstrate the ability to process, evaluate and integrate information from a variety of sources.

    Anlayze various data effectively in order to increase pernal and workplace productivity.