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    Yearbook is a year-long class that allows students to learn and develop technical and creative skills in photography, journalistic writing, and layout design, along with organization and deadline-driven planning.  The ultimate goal every year is for the staff to coalesce these skills and techniques with their artistic talents, creating a hard-working team that produces an exceptional record of John Burroughs High School and its students.  To most closely match a professional publication staff, students will operate within a hierarchy of staff members who report to their peers.  Parents and students should be aware that publications demand time beyond regular class or staff meeting time.  Meeting deadlines is crucial to the success of the yearbook, so getting work accomplished to quality standards on time is paramount; THIS MEANS LATE NIGHTS AND LONG HOURS.  Successful completion of the one-year yearbook class can meet either the UC/CSU A-G requirements for Fine Art (F) or the BUSD practical art graduation requirement.  Completion of a second year can be applied to the other. 


    John Burroughs High School has approved eligibility regulations for students in 9th – 12th grade relating to participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.  The regulations will be in effect for all student involved in athletics, visual/performing arts, and student government.  These requirements include maintaining a ‘C’ (2.0) GPA, as well as satisfactory citizenship and attendance requirements.  


    Graphic Designers are responsible for designing page layouts and creating graphics to supplement the designs.  They also find creative ways to incorporate the yearbook’s theme on every page. 
    Photographers shoot and upload photos for the yearbook.  They have a deep understanding of how to use digital cameras and recognize what makes a well-composed image.  Photographers also record relevant information pertaining to the phot for the writers to incorporate.
    Journalists cover and report stories on assigned topics.  Journalists learn to be comfortable interviewing students, parents, and staff, while also attending various events throughout the school year.  Journalists are responsible for individual spreads within each deadline.
    Interested students are required to submit an application and participate in an interview process that includes work samples.
    *ATTACHMENT* - Sample Application
    *ATTACHMENT* - Interview tips & tricks