• JBHS Akela

    From Rudyard Kiplings, The Jungle Book, Akela is the leader of the Seeonee wolfpack.  Akela was chosen by the original 1948 Yearbook Staff to represent strength and leadership, and the honor associated with being a member of the “pack.”

    Our Mission

    Our mission is very simple:  To understand essential visual and design elements of publication media and create a document that captures the people, events, emotions, and culture of our school over the course of an academic year utilizing the skills, rules, and formatting techniques acquired in the course.

    Our job is very difficult: To meet our mission; we must capture the INDIVUDIALSTHEIR STORIES, ALL ACTIVITIES, and SCHOOL TRENDS that comprise the people, events, and culture of JBHS. This yearbook should highlight the memories and experiences of nearly 3,000 people over their 180 days at Burroughs… 540,000 stories in 256 pages.  The required detailrigorcreativity, and time invested are not to be understated.