Home & Hospital Instruction

  • Your son/daughter will be provided with specialized instructional services while he/she is at home or in the hospital recovering from accident and/or illness.  With the special assistance provided by a credentialed home and hospital teacher, your son/daughter will be able to continue his/her education while unable to attend regular school.  The Burbank Unified School District is pleased to be able to provide this service to your child.

    The purpose of home and hospital instruction is to help each pupil progress academically.  In order to derive the maximum benefit from the home and hospital teacher’s sessions, we ask the parents to provide the following:

    • A quiet setting, free from distractions.
    • A tray, card table, or other table to use as a place to work as determined by the special requirements of the pupil.
    • Adequate lighting.
    • A convenient place for the pupil to keep his/her school materials.
    • Support for the educational program.

    To ensure that both the pupil and the home hospital teacher make the most of the five hours per week provided by the State of California, please read and comply with the following rules:

    • Because each pupil is receiving individual teaching, this is a time-intensive program.  If your son/daughter is unable to receive instruction when scheduled, please call the teacher as early as possible, preferably the day before the scheduled session.  If you are unable to reach the teacher, please call Health Services at 818 729-4504 and leave a message with your child’s name, teacher’s name, and the time of the session to be canceled.
    • Parent or guardian signs “Authorization for Release of Information,” for the pupil’s medical doctor.
    • Cooperation with the home teacher by the parent and the student is essential.
    • Home instruction cannot be carried out during the communicable period of a contagious disease.
    • Instruction (modified as necessary) will follow the regular curriculum of the Burbank Unified School District.
    • An adult must be present in the home during instruction.

    If your son’s/daughter’s doctor recommends that your child return to school, the doctor must provide a letter to Health Services indicating the following:

    • Recommendation of date to return to school.
    • Recommendation of any other specialized needs or limitations.


    If you have any questions, please contact the Health Services office at 818 729-4504.