• The District uses an online process to confirm your student's enrollment data.   

    The data confirmation window is accessed through the parent portal.  Please do not attempt to complete Parent Data Confirmation before August 1, 2023 for Elementary and July 24, 2023 for Secondary (Middle School and High School).  Your updates will not be saved if you access the Parent Portal before these dates and you will have to complete PDC again.

    To access your BUSD Parent Portal account, go to the PARENT PORTAL

    If you do not have access to a computer, please contact your school site. Assistance will be provided at the site. Space availability at some of our sites for computer use can be small. 

    Current BUSD Students can begin with Step 1 below.

    Newly Enrolled Students Your email and login ARE NOT the same as those used to enroll your student. You will need the codes from the automated email handy (if you do not have them, please contact your school site to obtain them to establish a portal account for the new student)

    Step 1: Go to  (Use the same email address previously used to log in to the account). 

    Step 2: Follow the prompts to read through the materials and select choices when prompted.

    Step 3: You will be prompted to print out the “Acknowledgement of Rights and Responsibilities (23-24).

    Step 4: You will need to sign this form and do one of the following:

    1. Scan and upload the document (no electronic signatures can be accepted) OR
    2. Take a picture of the signed document, email it to yourself, and then upload it OR
    3. Drop off a signed, printed copy at your school site during office hours. You still must have completed PDC online.

    Step 5: Printed emergency cards are not necessary this year. However, please be sure to update your emergency contact information in Aeries so we have current phone numbers and emails including your student’s personal email for communications.

    In addition, you may receive an email from your child’s school as we get closer to the first week of school requesting you to upload or return specific signed school documents. Please follow individual school directions regarding school document return.

    Please contact your school directly for general Parent Portal (PP) questions, such as enrollment questions, receiving another copy of the Parent Portal letter, codes needed from the automatic email, password reset, adding another child to the account, etc., or reference the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. School Contact information is available on the district website and can be accessed quickly by using the highlighted link.

    If you are experiencing technical difficulties accessing the parent portal only, please email us at or call (818) 729-4579 for assistance.

    If you have general questions, please contact Student Services at 818-729-4467.  

    All parent(s)/guardian(s) will need to complete data confirmation to register for the new school year.   



    1. I TRIED TO USE THE SAME EMAIL/PASSWORD COMBINATION AS I USED TO ENROLL MY STUDENT. WHY DOESN’T THAT WORK? The enrollment email/password combination is only for that purpose. You should have received an automated email when you enrolled your student. If you did not receive this email, you must contact your school site. The email will contain codes that you must use to create a new account for your student. You can then use email/password combination that you want but you must establish a new account for the first time.


    1. MY EMAIL ADDRESS HAS CHANGED. HOW DO I CHANGE IT IN THE PORTAL? If your email address has changed, you must login with your original email address and password and then click in the upper right-hand corner to update your email address.


    1. I FORGOT MY PASSWORD. If you are logging in and have forgotten your password, please click on the Forgot Password link and a temporary password will be emailed to you. Data Confirmation can only be completed on the PARENT account.


    1. I HAVE AN EXISTING ACCOUNT FOR AN OLDER SIBLING? HOW DO I CREATE AN ACCOUNT FOR A NEW SIBLING AND LINK THEM TOGETHER? Once you obtain your Parent Portal codes for the new student and establish an account for them using your preferred email/password combination, you can click on the option provided in the upper right-hand corner of your student’s portal page and link your children together.


    1. I HAVE LOST MY PORTAL EMAIL AND CODES. Please contact your school site. Parents and legal guardians can obtain the codes via email.


    1. I NEED TO CHANGE MY ADDRESS BUT THE PORTAL WON’T LET ME. All address changes must occur at your school site and will not be completed without a current utility bill or a document from a utility company in your name with the new address.
    • If you are moving to a new school residence area, you will need to visit Student Services first and then take your information to the school site.


    • Each person needs the individualized codes in the parent portal letter obtained from the school site.
    • Each parent can use their email address to set up separate accounts. For our students whose parents do not reside in the same home, each custodial parent can request a letter. You must obtain the letter in person from them. As these codes are part of your student’s confidential information, we cannot give them to anyone over the phone or via email.


    1. WE DON’T HAVE A COMPUTER OR SCANNER. HOW CAN WE COMPLETE PDC? If you don’t have access to a computer, please contact your school site for assistance. PDC can also be completed using a Chromebook. If you don’t have a scanner to scan documents to email, you can take a picture of the signed document and email it to yourself and then upload it.


    1. I AM HAVING TROUBLE COMPLETING PDC ON MY COMPUTER. The Parent Portal software seems to work best if you are using Google Chrome to complete PDC. Try logging out and switching your browser to Google.


    1. I AM UNABLE TO UPLOAD DOCUMENTS (file too large) - Please reduce file size then upload.  Also, do not include any punctuation marks in file names. In addition, some picture files (jpg, png) don't upload as well and you may need to save those files as a PDF in order to upload them.