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    Dolores Huerta


    Introduction To Art – Grade 6 (wheel elective)

    This is a 10 week introductory course that teaches students about the basics in art and design. Students will learn about art vocabulary, explore a variety of materials and techniques, critiques, history and production.


    Art – Grades 7, 8 (wheel elective)

    This is a semester course that emphasizes learning about art from all over the world. Projects and lessons explore history, period, style, criticism and art production. This curriculum is tied into the seventh grade social science course using techniques to replicate a cultural art style using a variety of materials.


    Advanced Art – Grades 6, 7, 8 (yearlong elective)

    This year long course is for the student who has a love for art, the determination to learn, to excel, and be challenged in their skills and techniques in art. This class will review, but also explore, in depth, the art elements and principles of design, color theory, conceptual and critical thinking, problem solving, and examine history and style. This class is open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders and is highly suggested that a previous art class had been taken. Interested 6th grade students will need to submit a minimum of 2-3 art pieces (drawings or paintings) to the counseling office or by email for approval. Email to tamarafiola-rini@burbankusd.org.