Definition: A volunteer is a parent, community member, or other adult who assists at a school site or program on a regular or semi-regular basis, usually with an assigned schedule. A volunteer is a person who provides his/her time to the District without pay. Individuals who are at the school to attend or help at a one-time special event involving no unsupervised contact with children are not considered volunteers by this definition and are not required to be screened.


    TYPES OF VOLUNTEERS Employee Handbook

    Under Direct Supervision of a Certificated Employee (May not work unsupervised with Children)

    General School Volunteer Volunteering during school hours performing duties such as breakfast/lunch assistants, and classroom aides/helpers, library, playground supervisors.

    Activities Volunteer Volunteering after school hours working on the campus at events such as booster, parent support clubs or after school clubs.

    Not Under Direct Supervision Coaches of performing arts and athletics, one-on-one tutoring, overnight trips, transporting students.



        Volunteer Application: 

          * English / Armenian * Spanish

        Medical Provider Network (MPN) Acknowledgement

        TB Risk Assessment Form


    The forms listed above should be completed and submitted, along with a copy of your valid California Driver’s License or California Identification Card, to the school site at which you are interested in volunteering. 


    **Please note: Volunteer application must be approved by Principal.


    You may not begin volunteering until you have been notified that you have met all requirements of the District and have been approved.


    If you are volunteering to be a walk-on coach, overnight volunteer or "special circumstances" volunteer, additional requirements must also be met. Please discuss requirements with the site administrator in charge of activities and volunteers.