Release of Students During School Hours

  • An authorized parent or guardian must report to the school office to sign out the student. (Authorization to release a student must be clearly indicated on the Emergency Authorization Card. Persons on the Emergency Card must be 18 years or older. Students will not be released to minors.)

    The parent or authorized adult must go to the Jefferson School office and follow these required procedures:

    • Indicate the name of the child
    • List the room or the teacher
    • Write the reason for the student being taken from school
    • Sign out each child so there is a record of his/her leaving school (Identification will be checked if adult is unknown to office staff)

    The office staff will make arrangements for releasing a pupil from his/her instructional area. At NO time:

    • should a child be picked up directly from the classroom
    • should the child wait outside the classroom or in front of the school for a parent to pick him/her
    up at a prearranged time
    • should a child walk home to meet his/her parent during the school day

    CHILDREN WILL NOT BE RELEASED TO INDIVIDUALS NOT LISTED ON THE EMERGENCY CARD. Thus, it is very important to keep these cards current. 

Last Modified on April 30, 2019