• Minimum Day: Wednesday, October 11th

    Learners will be dismissed at 12:32 PM


  • Orange and Black Parky

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  • Please fill out the application for the 2023-2024 Free and Reduced-Price Lunch  Meals & District Programs. We need all families to please help us receive additional funding! Title I funds fall under this category.  Without Title I funds, our school will miss out on $250,000.  This helps us with After-School Tutoring, Interventions, Digital Programs and more!

    Hard copies of the form are available as well!

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  • October 11th Schedule

    Zero Period: 7:00 - 7:53

    Period 3: 8:00 - 8:49

    Period 4: 8:54 - 9:30

    Period 5: 9:35 - 10:11

    Period 6: 10:16 - 10:52

    Brunch: 10:52 - 11:12

    Period 1: 11:17 - 11:52

    Period 2: 11:57 - 12:32

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School Calendar

  • Good Morning Yellowjackets - Daily Bulletin

  • All students are required to wear their school ID visible to staff when on campus.

    Students may use their own lanyards if they do not like the school-issued ones, as long as they are school-appropriate. At the end of each school day, students should put their IDs in their backpacks so they are not lost.  

    This is a district-wide change in protocol.  We know it will take time for everyone to get used to the new rules, and that students might forget to bring their IDs at the beginning. However, the expectation is that they will be worn and visible on their chest, and not on their belt loop, on their backpack, or in their pocket.

    Thank you for helping to make LBMS a safer campus!

School Start and End

  • School starts every day at 8:00 AM, unless your learner has a zero period at 7:00 AM.

    School ends every day except Tuesday at 3:00 PM. On Tuesday school ends at 2:15.

    The full bell schedule can be found here.

  • Voted Best Middle School 2023 by My Burbank readers

  • The Burbank Unified School District officially denounces racism as the product of white default/ supremacy culture and recognizes the impact of systemic and generational racism as traumatic to our country, community, and school district. In light of continuing racial violence, including the killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Andres Guardado, Dijon Kizzee, and many others, we also recognize that Black people in this country have had a unique and traumatic history in terms of racial relations, equality, and equity. We stand with the truthful and humane statement that all lives cannot matter until Black lives and the lives of indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) matter. We are taking steps to actively work towards being fully anti-racist, not only in word, but also in policy, practice, and accountability. Change is rarely easy, but with the support and cooperation of the entire Burbank school community we know that we will reflect a district that is truly unified.