Providencia’s Outdoor Science School is a one-of-a-kind experience organized by our 5th grade teachers and the Los Angeles County Outdoor Science School (LAOSS). Our 5th grade students, teachers, and parent chaperones spend 4 days and 3 nights in Wrightwood, located in the San Gabriel Mountains north of Los Angeles. Wrightwood is a combination of forests, canyons, and mountains that provide an excellent and diverse outdoor teaching environment. While there, students will “spend 7 hours a day with their Naturalist Group on the trail learning science and outdoor skills, enjoy three meals and two snacks a day…, participate in Evening Programs each night, and sleep surrounded by their schoolmates in cozy cabins.”

    The Providencia community has great pride in being part of this exceptional outdoor science school. As a Title 1 school, with sixty percent of families living at or below the poverty line, the Providencia Boosters Association was specifically created to raise money to ensure ALL our 5th grade students attend OSS. This year there will be eighty-one 5th graders to send to OSS. At a cost of $350 per student it adds up to $27,540. Historically more than half of this money will come from 5th grade parent contributions and the remainder needs to be raised through the Providencia Fundraising Committee.  Online donations could significantly aid in helping the OSS Fund reach its goal and keep the successful legacy of this program going.

    Here’s how to support Outdoor Science School:

    • donate online today

    • set up a recurring donation

    • participate in fundraisers this year, such as Harvest Festival and Jog-a-Thon.

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    “It was the best experience ever! We got to learn about science and nature. My favorite part of OSS was the night hike, because it was dark under the stars and the moonlight. It was fun and scary at the same time, but more fun.”

    Kristian (student)
    “4 days you will never forget. The time you spend with your child in the wild learning about nature and a little bit about each other is priceless.”

    Brian (parent chaperone)
    “OSS, the outdoor classroom where students leave their homes to live and learn about our home, the Big Blue Marble.

    Mrs. Coyne (teacher)
    These testimonials speak for themselves. Please help us send our 5th grade students to OSS by donating today.