• Stevenson Distant Learning

    Let’s Go Pirates!

    We are about to embark on a new way of learning! Distant Learning is learning online and at home. This is a great opportunity for you to develop valuable new learning skills. Like wearing a new pair of shoes, the more time you spend online and in distant learning, the more comfortable you will become. Here are 8 Top Tips for Student Success in Online School according to Stephanie Becker from Learning Environment, Online

    1. Create a daily routine schedule. (see attached sample)
    2. Be positive- “I am learning in a new way and it will help me.”
    3. Get organized- “I need a space and supplies.”
    4. Set personal goals- “I will have a list of tasks to complete.”
    5. Make the most of your resources- “I will ask for help in Google Classroom.”
    6. Start on track and stay on track- “I will stay focused until I complete this task.”
    7. Limit your time online- “I will set a timer for breaks with help from my parents or guardian.”
    8. Learn to deal with setbacks- “If I get stuck, I won’t give up.”

    You have adults that will help you through this. Following these steps will help you kick-off a great experience with Distant Learning, help you cope with Safer at Home, and become a 2020 learner!