• Get Involved With Luther Burbank Middle School Today!

    Whether you are a parent, a relative of a student, or a member of the community, supporting our school can be a very rewarding experience. Volunteers can not only help bring in needed resources but also help people in the community to see our school as a positive force in the neighborhood.

    Volunteering your time can make a huge impact on our children’s educational experience and life in general. We are so grateful for all those parents and friends that can take the time to not only be in the classroom but volunteer to support student activities and special events! Anywhere there is a student, there is a need.

    Register Here to volunteer at Luther 

    A special thank you to those parents, business partners, neighbors and friends that continue to take the time to get involved and go beyond our expectations:

    Here are a few ways you can get involved today!

    • Volunteer your time at the school library.
    • Attend and help at school events such as the PTSA Family Fiesta, Back to School Night, Lunchtime Activities and Student Clubs.
    • Supervise on field trips to places like the Museum of Tolerance, California Science Center or LACMA.
    • Tutor a child in an area where you have an expertise.
    • Assist with school projects like Registration, Red Ribbon Week, Day of the Ancients, or World History Day.
    • Help us with telephones, clerical assistance, picture days, or assemblies.

    We greatly welcome and appreciate your involvement!

    If you are interested in volunteering, please come see Natalie Rittmiller in our Attendance Office or call her at 818-729-3700 extension 20903 for more information.