• Please carefully read the internship assignment and follow all directions.

  • 2021-2022 NAF Internship Assignment

    NAFTrack Certification requires a minimum of 80 internship hours.  NAF changed their requirements and will now count paid AND unpaid/volunteer hours towards certification.  These new changes apply to 2022 & 2021 graduates. **We don’t yet know if NAF will keep these same requirements for other graduating classes.  Assume you’ll need 120 paid internship hours. 

    PURPOSE: The purpose of this assignment is three-fold: 

    1. To help you reflect upon your work experience and begin to develop a plan for your career. 
    2. To provide a structure by which you can begin to document your career. 
    3. To fulfill one of the requirements necessary for successful completion of the NAF Academy program.

    Review all internship requirements before you begin and start the internship assignment just before you reach the halfway mark. Schedule all supervisor requirements by 50 hours. Complete final drafts of all work upon completion of your 80 hours. Create and gather all materials throughout the internship experience and add them to your NAF Google Drive folder.  Submit your completed internship assignment on your Google site link to your NAF teacher by 5pm on the Friday before spring break.

    All original content should be typed.  The Internship Experience Overview & Evaluation report should be in MLA format.  All related career documents like resume, cover letter, references, goals, etc should have matching headings of your basic contact information. Neatness, organization, correct grammar, correct punctuation, capitalization, and correct spelling are expected. *All of this information should be saved in your Google Drive.  Be sure to copy and move documents from your BUSD Google Drive to your personal Google Drive BEFORE you graduate!


    1. Title Page should include the following: 
    • Student Name
    • Year and Season of Internship (Fall, Spring, or Summer)
    • Academy Name: Business, Engineering, or Medical
    • School Name
    • Internship Site Name
    • Internship Address
    • Name of Supervisor
    • Supervisor Phone Number & Email 


    1. Internship Experience Overview and Evaluation - You must pass this assignment in order to earn a stole and/or cord.

    Use MLA format including font, size, and double spacing. Review formatting requirements HEREYour assignment should be in paragraph/essay format and include a title, introductory paragraph, numerous paragraphs that summarize the main responsibilities of your experience (see bulleted topics below) and explain what you learned from the experience, and end with a conclusion paragraph.  *All of the topics listed below in this section are part of one multiple page document.


    Required topics for your assignment:

    • Basic overview of duties and responsibilities
    • COVID-19 impact and safety precautions (if applicable)
    • Customer service
    • Competition
    • Website and advertising
    • Privacy of customer information either financial or personal or HIPAA

    Tips for covering required topics:

    Overview and Evaluation:

    Begin with a basic introduction of your internship experience.  Expand with more details about:

    • How did you find your internship?  -including application and interview process.
    • How were you trained at the start of your internship?
    • What skills did you learn and what skills did you already possess?
    • Were you part of a team or mostly worked alone?
    • Did you interact with customers?
    • Did your manager check for understanding and redirect you if needed?
    • Did you feel ready and supported for this experience? If not, what would have helped you be better prepared?
    • Describe 3 things you feel your organization does well.
    • Describe 3 things you feel your organization could improve upon.
    • Is there a role for you to help with the improvements you suggest? 
    • If so, describe what you could do to help if you had approval from your supervisor.


    Explain about the impact of COVID-19 on your experience.  What safety precautions did you follow?  Was it difficult to adhere to safety precautions at your internship?  If so, why? (if applicable)

    Customer Service:

    Explain how your internship site interacts with customers.  

    • Did you greet customers in person or over the phone?  
    • Were you responsible for any type of customer service?  
    • Explain your experience and reflect on any positive or negative interactions.  
    • What was difficult and what strategies did you use to help with customers?


    Realize that every business, health care facility, and non-profit has competition. Analyze the competition of your organization and determine the top 3 local competitors for your internship site.  Get creative if necessary or ask your supervisor who they feel are the organization’s 3 main competitors.

    • What other options/organizations exist for customers/patients?
    • Why should customers/patients choose your organization?
    • What sets you apart from other organizations?
    • What could your organization do to rise to the top?
    • Do not simply list the names of 3 competitors. 

    Website and Advertising: 

    • Identify 3 features you think are really good about the site.
    • Identify 3 things you feel need improvement about the site.
    • Describe 5 things you learned about your organization that you didn’t know beforehand.
    • If your organization does not have a website, complete this section by explaining how a website would improve this company.

    Privacy & HIPAA Compliance:  (HIPAA is for medical.  General privacy for business & engineering.)

    Review how your internship site dealt with customer or patient information.  Think about any sensitive information including but not limited to: financial information, personal information, or patient records. 

    • Explain the need for customer or patient privacy.
    • Did you experience any privacy/HIPAA issues or violations at your work site?
    • How do you think the privacy/HIPAA violations can be corrected and/or prevented in the future?
    • Identify 3 things you feel need improvement at your site.
    • **Medical Academy students - be sure to explain your understanding of HIPAA.


    • Summarize your internship experience and what you learned.


    1. Resume and References

    Update your resume to include your internship experience.  Be sure to include skills learned and add your supervisor to your References page.  Make sure your work experience begins with your most recent internship experience.  *Your updated documents will remain on the Career Documents page of your Google site.  


    1. Sample Schedule

    Create a table that depicts an average week.  Include times of arrival, duties performed during the day, breaks, lunch, etc. Title the table with your name and internship site information.  *This is its own document & should be included on the internship page of your site. (check out the former NAF student sample portfolios)


    1. Internship Work Samples & Pictures: 

    Collect concrete examples of the valuable work you contributed to your internship site.  Ideas include copies of documents you created or helped create, copies of documents you used to perform duties, or documents you referenced to do your job.  Provide 3-5 pictures of where you work and any equipment/machines that are a part of your job. Type labels and explanations for each item/picture. You must be in the pictures! **Check with your supervisor about how best to take photos if there are privacy regulations in place. Get creative and ask your supervisor to help you take the photos to be sure you are in compliance with regulations.  *Number of documents will vary depending on your experience.  *This should be included on the internship page of your site.


    1. Verify 80 Hours:  *This is its own document and will vary depending on how you verify your hours.  It should be included on the internship page of your site.

    Paid by check: provide copies of pay stubs to verify the 80 hours of work. 

    Cash/Stipend: your supervisor must type a verification letter detailing the timeframe of when you volunteered and the number of hours you completed. All letters should be on company letterhead, addressed to Ms. Edge, and signed by your supervisor to verify a minimum of 80 hours of work. It should include your start and end dates including how many hours per week you worked/volunteered.

    Unpaid/volunteer: your supervisor must type a verification letter detailing the timeframe of when you volunteered and the number of hours you completed. All letters should be on company letterhead, addressed to Ms. Edge, and signed by your supervisor to verify a minimum of 80 hours of work. It should include your start and end dates including how many hours per week you worked/volunteered.


    1. Informational Interview: 

    An informational interview is an interview where you gain information about a person, a job, career, industry or company. It is not a job interview. Instead, you speak with someone working in a profession that interests you. Informational interviews help expand your professional network and chance of success throughout your career. Schedule about 15-20 minutes with your supervisor to interview them. Don’t expect to do the interview during your scheduled work hours. *Use the list of questions provided on our NAF website and feel free to create some of your own questions. Type up a summary of what you learned from the experience. Do not type up in Q&A style.  *This is its own document that is typed in MLA format with an introduction, body of information, and conclusion. **You may do the info interview with someone else in a career that interests you. This should be included on the internship page of your site.


    1. Copy of NAF Supervisor Evaluation: 

    You must have your supervisor evaluation form completed when you turn in your portfolio. Be sure and give your supervisor at least 2 weeks notice before the end of your internship. Include one copy in your digital portfolio.  *Share the fillable PDF form from the NAF website.  A copy of this should be included on the internship page of your site.


    1. Optional Letter of Recommendation: 

    Ask your supervisor at least two weeks before you complete your hours.  *This is its own document and should be on the company letterhead.  DO NOT POST on your digital portfolio website.


    1. Google Site - Your Digital Portfolio:

    Create a Google Site using your personal Gmail account.  This digital portfolio will be with you for years to come.  Please open the sharing settings on all Google documents, sheets, slides, etc.  The entire NAF team needs to view every item in your portfolio.  After your portfolio has been graded, you can change the settings back to private until you want to share it again for interviews or until after you graduate.  You will be able to share this link on your cover letters, brag sheets, college applications, scholarship applications, and of course for every interview.  Keep updating it even after you graduate and you will be way ahead of your peers and the competition.


    Complete the NAF Internship Data Collection and Supervisor Evaluation Data Collection Google Forms.  These should be completed on the SAME DAY - so listen to your NAF teachers and go slow as you complete the forms.  All information must match exactly or you risk not receiving NAFTrack Certification.   Form links will be shared via your NAF GC and senior NAF teachers.  Complete both forms by April 5th.  *These are 2 online forms that must be completed in order to see it on NAFTrack status.  *Please enter an END DATE even if you are still working.  NAF requires you to have a completion date in order to accept the hours.  It’s ok to keep working there, but think of it as the internship window/experience has closed.  I will upload the data collected in early April.  Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see your status change before then.

    **Information on how to submit your digital portfolio link will be posted in each senior NAF teacher’s GC.  Remember that all internship hours and your NAF digital portfolio must be complete and submitted by 5pm on the Friday before spring break.