Student Stories

  • Pharmacy Tech Student


    This is Patty Chicas. I took your medical billing and medical front office this year. I just wanted to tell you that two weeks ago I finally started looking for work. I waited until my daughter was almost back in school. I went to two interviews and got hired right away. I got hired as a patient service representative at a dermatology office. Today, it's my first day. I'm so excited!!!

    CTE story


    Mr. Berhitoe's class is amazing! He explains everyting well to the T. He is patient and understanding. I wish I had him as my math teacher back in high school. I am very grateful he is teaching and because of him I am actually interested and cannot wait to take my HiSET test.

    Cinthia Garzon  Academic Student (HiSET), Cinthia Garzon

    First of all, Burbank Adult School (BAS) helps us to improve our English by taking ESL classes. Some of us started at level 0 and finally we all found ourselves completing level 6. Each one of us came with different goals to achieve, personal or educational goals, and the school gave us the opportunity and support to achieve them. BAS also gave us the opportunity to take other classes to aid our learning such us Pronunciation, Conversation, Computing and much more. By the way, all are free. But not only that, it also opened us up to meeting new people and different cultures because we come from countries from all over the world. Finally, we always have the efficient and friendly staff and teachers.

    Mariana Marino  ESL Student, Mariana Marino


  • success

  • When I first moved to the United States, I realized that my English speaking skills were not enough to communicate with the locals and understand their speech. I decided to improve my skills in English and since January, 2020 I started ESL classes at the Burbank Adult School. Now I feel the progress. I started speaking better and also I understood others better. I learned more about local customs, traditions and celebrations. I met friends here and I can communicate with them more freely because I improved my English skills at the Burbank Adult School. Now I feel that my English language skills level has grown significantly by the end of the course. I also graduated from Mr. Steinberg’s Beginning Web Design course. This knowledge was completely new to me. Nevertheless, I was able to get through this course in English, largely due to the successful and high-quality training I received during the ESL level 6 course also with Mr. Steinberg. I would definitely recommend the ESL course and Mr. Steinberg as a teacher of the English language to those who want to improve their existing language skills and overcome the language barrier.

    Juliia  ESL and CTE Student, Juliia Vostokova

    When I moved to Burbank I was looking for classes for my 7 month old baby. I found the Parent Education classes at Burbank Adult School and I was completely happy. I liked the classes for the interaction with other cultures and the parent space with the teacher. My kid improved his social skills, began to talk more, increased his motor skills, and he always learned something new in a safe space. Since I began my ESL classes I have more confidence in my speaking and writing skills. Burbank Adult School is a great option for anyone who is looking to learn something, improve their skills or take a parenting class. The administration, staff, and teachers always try to help you. I'm really happy to have a space where I can feel comfortable and I am always learning.

    Parent Ed & ESL Student, Laura Uriostegui

    Continuing education is never too late! At 57 years of age, I decided to go back to school to earn my high school degree. I dropped out of school in 11th grade. Burbank Adult School offers me that opportunity. Given the COVID pandemic, BAS has online classes with the best teachers I could have ever hoped for. They are genuinely caring, brilliant, compassionate, and very engaging. At my age, relearning can be daunting, but it is attainable by BAS. I am incredibly grateful for Burbank Adult School's support and encouragement to continue and pursue further education. Without a doubt, education is powerful.

    Chris Tarazon  Academic Student (HiSET), Chris Tarazon

    I came to the United States of America because it was a dream of mine to live here since I was a child. I was in love with this country even without ever visiting it before. My family gave me many souvenirs from their trips to the U.S.A. I was in love with the people, language, music, food, culture, movies, everything from this amazing and beautiful country. I consider the United States the best place in the world. My knowledge of the English language began at the Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas in Ecuador. There I was able to learn basic English grammar, but it is at the Burbank Adult School that my English greatly improved. My teachers at the Burbank Adult School have been a tremendous help. Now here I am. I've fallen in love with an American man and I have the opportunity to live in the United States. Therefore, I want to improve my English so that I may become a permanent resident of this country.

    Loli Andino  ESL Student, Loli Andino